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13 July 2024
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International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

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Chapter 1.3.1 of The IMDG Code states shore based personnel engaged in the transport of dangerous goods to be transported by sea should receive training in the contents of dangerous goods provisions commensurate with their responsibilities.

Personnel such as those who:

  • Classify dangerous goods and identify Proper Shipping Names
  • Pack dangerous goods in packages
  • Mark, label or placard dangerous goods
  • Pack/unpack closed cargo transport units
  • Prepare transport documents or dangerous goods
  • Offer dangerous goods for transport
  • Accept dangerous goods for transport
  • Handle dangerous goods in transport
  • Prepare dangerous goods loading/stowage plans
  • Load/unload dangerous goods into/from ships
  • Carry dangerous goods and transport
  • Enforce or survey or inspect for compliance with applicable rules and regulations
Should receive the following training:

IMDG General awareness/familiarisation training This 1-day course is designed to provide familiarity with the general provisions of dangerous goods transport and will include a description of classes of dangerous goods, labelling, marking, placarding, packing, Stowage, segregation and compatibility. A description of the purpose and content of dangerous goods transport documents (such as the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form and the Container/Vehicle Packing Certificate) and also a description of available emergency response documents.

Upon completion of this course candidates will sit a short theory examination to assess their understanding of the regulations. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance which complies with of the IMDG Code.

If you require either Function specific or Safety training for individual classes this can be arranged to suit your requirements. This course can either be conducted at our training premises or, if you prefer at a location of your choice. Please give us a call.

Please contact D & A Training with your specific requirements